5-day Retreat

integrating the spiritual journey


Taking It All Home
October 2018

Teotihuacan, Mexico

I am collaborating again with yoga teacher and body-mind coach Eva Beronius from Stockholm, Sweden to offer this unique self-mastery experience. This will be an integration session in support of the week-long Spiritual Journey to Teotihuacán with happiness and emotions coach Gary Van Warmerdam, and is only available to those to attend the Spiritual Journey with Gary. 

In this in depth experience, you will get time and support to process the shifts and revelations you have experienced during the past week. For many the spiritual journey is powerful and we might feel like a new person by the end of it. Returning home to our everyday life can be challenging. How do we make changes that we feel are necessary when bills need to be paid and friends and family still play by old patterns?

This course will give you guidance and structured time to identify changes and practices that you want to take home with you to support your continued self-mastery process. During these five days there will be group practices as well as one-on-one consultation with the facilitators on your ongoing practice. There will also be time allocated to private processing time. Your facilitators will share powerful practices for body, mind, emotions and soul and adapt them to your personal process and experience.  Individual sessions with the facilitators to do deeper processing will be available upon request for an added charge.

Read what past participants have said about the course:

“The Integration course definitely provided me with tools and techniques I am using to move my journey forward at home. I think if I had gone home right after Gary’s course I would have had a harder time incorporating the lessons into my regular life. The impact of Neil and Eva’s course has been profound and I am only just starting to reap the benefits of all the practices I learned from them.”

“The Integration course is time and money well spent. The relationships that developed between the participants and with Eva and Neil were priceless. Eva and Neil took one on one time with each participant which made the experience even more valuable.” 

“If you are stuck, do this add on. The small group setting and focus on practical action is a huge help.”

In order to allow for intimate group processes and time for individualized guidance enrollment is limited to 12 people.