Self-Mastery Coaching

If you are exploring working with a life coach, you are likely experiencing a gap between the life you want and the life you are now experiencing.  That gap may be showing up in your professional life, relationships, family, spiritual practice, or just in how you feel about yourself or your life.  It may appear that what is holding you back is outside yourself, beyond your influence.  My years of experience have taught me that what holds us back is primarily inside of us, mostly made up of painful experiences from the past and our responses to them at the time.  And I know from experience that you can gain freedom from those past experiences.  

You can get free – with the guidance of an experienced, skillful and compassionate coach, and with on-going practice on your part.  

My role as coach is to work hard to understand the world you find yourself in and guide you to and through the practices that will help you clearly see, release and move beyond your current barriers–to the life and results you dream of. 

Your role is to devote yourself to these on-going practices with commitment and consistency–because, ultimately, practicing new ways of being is what will create the lasting change you want.

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Self-Mastery Coach Neil Bjorklund

“I coach self-motivated adults who are committed to their own growth and development, to help them develop self-mastery from the inside out–helping them free themselves from limiting beliefs and painful experiences of the past, in order to create the bold and beautiful life they really want.”

Support for Your Journey

Self-Mastery Coach Neil Bjorklund

Individual Coaching

Neil provides one-on-one coaching by video conference to clients worldwide.  See the Coaching page for details.

Self Mastery students in Mexico

Self-Mastery Courses

Neil designs and leads workshops and courses to teach you the concepts and the skills needed to put the concepts to work in your daily life. See the Courses page for details.


Neil is constantly learning and growing as a coach and he shares this learning with his clients.  See the Resources page for details.

Client Testimonials

Female, 58
California, USA

“I highly recommend working with Neil as a self-mastery coach.  He is extremely knowledgeable.  He has extensive training in a variety of self-mastery modalities and is adept at applying the most effective tools.  As my needs changed, he seamlessly changed his tool to help me in the most effective way possible. 

I found him to be very gentle, kind and compassionate in his approach.  He allowed me to decide the direction I wanted to go with each session, and then he guided me to successfully release the long-standing trauma. ”

Female, 32
Oregon, USA

Neil’s calm demeanor and unusual ability to really listen made him an indispensable partner for navigating my work-life’s challenges and opportunities. I appreciated how he held me accountable through homework and follow-up in each subsequent session. I recommend Neil without hesitation!

male, 29
Kansas, USA

“I can’t recommend Neil highly enough! The kind of work we were doing together is greatly helped by someone who knows the terrain and can skillfully guide the practitioner through the landscape. That’s what Neil was for me. At times, he would point something out that I wasn’t seeing, which would help me progress. At other times, he reframed the experience in a way that would help me understand it with clarity. When the right moment arrived, he would invite me to thank and love the parts of me that I had connected with. He facilitated a beautiful experience of allowing the love to flow from my heart to these parts of me in a very conscious manner. That was a “door opening” for me and in my individual practice I’ve had much more access to that place of self-love since working with Neil.”

Female, 47
Oregon, USA
“Neil’s coaching helped me prioritize and practice self-care, and gave me tools for reprogramming patterns that get in the way of me being my full self.”