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People often ask me “Neil, just what is the Practice of Self-Mastery, and how do I figure out if it is something I want to pursue?”   You may want to know:  What is it exactly that we are going to master?  What do I mean by “self?”  Is this a mind-over-matter kind of willpower practice?  Why can’t I seem to move on to a new way of feeling about myself and the world around me? Why do I keep reacting the same way to the same kinds of situations after all the work I’ve done on myself?  Read on fellow travelers and you will find my answers to these and many other questions related to Self-Mastery.   Please comment and share your additional questions there, and I will pick the juiciest ones for future blog posts.

“We see the world
not as it is,
but as we are.”
~ Anaïs nin

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Self-Mastery: Mastering Your Point of View

Sep 17, 2020

For many of us, “Self-Mastery” may be a vague or unfamiliar term.  I use it to describe my style of life coaching and it is part of my my website and business names.  I thought it might be helpful to explain what I mean when I use this term.  A typical dictionary might define “self-mastery” […]