7-day Retreat

Awakening the Master within


A Next Level Retreat for Your
Self Discovery | August 4-11 2019

Falun, Sweden

Within you, beyond all the different voices, emotions, and conflicting thoughts, there is a consciousness of direct knowing. When you embody that consciousness of knowing you will pierce the illusions of your life.

In that state of presence, you are expressing a calm silent power inside you, that your inner critic cannot touch or make small. In that state of presence, you are connected to a source of unconditional love that is both within you, and all around you. It has no beginning and no end. It allows you to walk through the world with a sense of peace, clarity and unconditional confidence.

In this state of clear mind, you face your fears, your inner critic and your past pain with a sense of compassion, clarity and confidence that it is all being released from your life as it should. In that state of connection with yourself, changes can happen at an accelerated rate.

Grounded in your own presence and power you are the master of yourself and your life.

About the Program and Level

Gary van Warmerdam, Eva Beronius and Neil Björklund are joining forces to offer a new, deeper level course in Self Mastery, August 4-11 2019. Located at a retreat center in the forests of central Sweden, this week-long retreat is offered to experienced practitioners only – those who have completed the Basic Self Mastery audio course at pathwaytohappiness.com, or who have participated in one or more in-person events with Gary, Eva or Neil. If you have done other work that is equivalent and want to come, email us to have a conversation on what you need to catch up with.

Over the week together, we will progressively build our intent and attention through daily practices, in order to move our individual and collective consciousness to a new level. Our goal is that you will leave this week with a calm clarity about your life as it is, an unshakable confidence that you can create the life you want and that you experience self mastery at a new level.

The fundamentals of this process have been covered in the Self Mastery program and other prerequisite materials. We will be working on practices and processes that build on these basic levels. The community of experienced practitioners will allow us to start at a deeper level. You will receive some material one month ahead of the retreat to prepare you for this week.

Example of practices and topics during the week:

  • Meditations to move into a state of direct knowing

  • Journeys into unconscious beliefs to identify and change them

  • Exploring collective dreams of family, religions, communities, nations and how they affect human behavior

  • Dancing and Kirtan (devotional chanting) – surrendering to a loving expression

  • Experiencing energy centers in the body and how to move energy through them

  • Building a practice – integrating exercises from several spiritual and awareness traditions

  • Exploring integrity – in body, with emotions, with others

  • Movement and body work for letting go and keeping our bodies happy

  • Transforming emotions – from an obstacle to becoming a path for personal power

  • Recorded meditations and practices to take home