6-month Course

The practice of Self-mastery Series


Eugene, Oregon, USA

Check back for the next offering of this training either in-person in Eugene, Oregon or online.

I want to personally and enthusiastically invite you to join me in a 6-month journey of self-discovery, in which we will get to know ourselves with more clarity, and learn to make more definitive distinctions between what is in your past and what is possible in your present.  We will exercise our self-awareness and self-observation, and build skills to delve into the emotions, thoughts and beliefs that keep us from being our best selves.  Group members will engage in practices that will give us more choice in how we respond to the day-to-day events of our lives.  We won’t travel this road alone—we will engage in this journey of self-discovery and transformation as a community of fellow travelers, building bonds of trust and mutual support for our individual and collective processes.

Following each class, students will receive a link to download a 40-60 minute Self-Mastery audio class that that introduces the next topic and provides exercises to practice until the following meeting. Students will be able to listen, learn and practice the concepts and exercises between classes wherever they are.  At each meeting, we will share our experience of the homework, do live meditations, practices and exercises, work through tough spots together, have group discussion, and preview the upcoming audio sessions.  The meetings will be interactive and dynamic, with the focus on the participants’ experiences, questions and challenges.

This course will be suitable for people of any spiritual tradition or background, as it does not rely on any particular belief system, and makes room for all perspectives.