6-day Retreat

Transform Your Life
from the Inside Out


An Introductory Self-Mastery Retreat

Limon, Costa Rica  |  Date TBD

If you want to stop the internal chatter in your head, transform the drama in your relationships, or find more happiness and fulfillment in life, you will have to begin by watching your mind. You will need to realize what your mind is up to–not what you assume it is doing, but what it is actually doing. That is how you will see that your mind is holding the obstacles that have held you back. In this retreat, once you discover these obstacles, you will work with them to free yourself.

Nestled in a pristine rainforest on a beautiful ridge overlooking the Caribbean Sea, we will undertake a process of deep self-discovery and personal change together and begin transforming these obstacles. Our journey of six days will be filled with both hard work and fun, fantastic food and new friendships, ocean swims and rainforest hikes, meditation and movement.  Most importantly, the journey will lead to change–change in you, in your mind, emotions, body, and in your life. If you are ready to turn your conscious attention inward, to free yourself from limiting unconscious beliefs and held emotions and to experience yourself beyond your mind, then you are ready for the path of Self Mastery. 

Growing up our attention was frequently steered towards external goals like achieving good grades, building a career, acquiring possessions or raising a family. In the process we lost track of what was going on inside of us. Our emotions and beliefs became secondary to graduating or paying the mortgage. Being happy was lost to concerns about what others thought of us. Being fulfilled was replaced with pleasing the critical voice in our mind telling us what we are “supposed” to do and what we “should” be. A conscious awakening often begins when achievements in the external world no longer cover up our feelings inside. 

You don’t need previous experience with Self Mastery. People come to this work from many different spiritual backgrounds: self-work in psychotherapy, reading self-help books or just having a deep longing and knowing that it’s time for change. The retreat is designed so that you can show up as you are, and work on your individual challenges and transformation. On this journey of change you will get plenty of practices, insights, and support.  You will benefit from 65 years of collective experience in this work from your three teachers.

In one of the most biodiverse places on earth, where the life force is bursting forth in a thousand shapes and colors, you will move from intellectual understanding to knowing in a way that you feel in your body. Less ego attachment, less fear, less worry, and less confusion about how to grow into a happier, more confident version of yourself. Growing into more self-acceptance, more compassion, more curiosity, and more love and appreciation for yourself and others.  You won’t emerge from this journey as a “finished product”, but you will feel greater clarity, and confidence in the hands-on tools that will enable you to change your life into one that is more deeply fulfilling.

During the week you will get specific guidance for:

    • Meditating and practicing body-centered exercises to calm your nervous system and your mind.

    • Quieting the constant internal dialog of chatter from the “monkey mind.”

    • Moving into an observer consciousness beyond your mind.

    • Inquiring into your mind to effectively dismantle hidden beliefs.

    • Releasing stuck emotions of suffering and freeing yourself from associated thoughts and beliefs.

    • Opening to emotions of self-acceptance, love, compassion, and your natural mind of curiosity.

    • Developing skills to master your attention and emotions so you can drop the fears about the journey inward.

    • Practicing compassionate and practical skills to address the voice in your head that constantly criticizes you and others (the Inner Critic)

    • Guided meditations to lead you into expanded states of consciousness